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JDH uses cookies and similar technologies to improve the functionality and performance of the website and services, to understand how you use the services, and to provide you with customized advertising and other recommendations. Because JDH wants to safeguard your privacy and improve the usability of the website, we want you to know why we use cookies.

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What exactly are cookies?

Cookies are small simple files stored on your device by the browser. This stored information is intended to optimize your next website visit and possibly tailor our communications and advertisements to your interests.


What other techniques are used?

JavaScript and (web) beacons. These are standard Internet techniques that, together with cookies, allow a system to collect information. (Almost) all websites use these techniques.


What is that all about?

The use of cookies and other techniques ensures e.g. that:

  • Making browsing the website more fun and easier for you;

  • You don't receive or have to enter the same information over and over again;

  • JDH can measure how our website is being used and where we can improve it; 

  • JDH can show you ads and recommendations based on your interests;

  • JDH can show you ads and recommendations based on your interests;

  • JDH can recognize which device you are using when you visit our website;

  • JDH can (have) record how often an ad is shown in order to better tailor the ads to your needs and interests and to prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again.


Functional cookies or necessary cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. With this information we can analyse and improve the functioning of the website. For example, they remember your password and your preferences, and they track how you browse the website. Among other things, the following data are stored:

  • Remembering and saving your last viewed products, favourites or comparisons;

  • Writing reviews about our products you have purchased;

  • Saving your browser settings so that the website loads faster and is adjusted to the size of your screen;

  • We can detect possible abuse and/or problems in the website.


Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies we collect statistics about the use of our website by users with the help of third parties. These include the number of visitors and the most visited web pages. By measuring website usage, we can continue to improve our website for the benefit of our users. For this purpose we use Google Analytics, among others. Among other things, the following data are stored:

  • The IP address, which is made anonymous;

  • Technical characteristics such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox) and the resolution of your computer screen and what device you use;

  • How you arrived at the website;

  • From which page you leave the website;

  • How many pages you viewed;

  • When and how long you visit the website;

  • How you use the website, how many pages you visit, whether you use favorites, compare or view recommended products;

  • Which pages you view from our website.


Analytical cookies are used for:

  • Tracking the number of visitors to our website;

  • Measuring the length of time per visit;

  • Determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website;

  • Sorting the products on the website;

  • Improving the website.


Third-part social media cookies

Social media cookies are cookies that enable functionalities of social media websites. Examples include a YouTube video accompanying a product, selection of a point of sale in Google Maps or a "like" button for Facebook.

When you click a social media button in our website, a social media cookie is placed by the social media party itself. They can recognize your IP address when you want to share a page from our website. For the cookies that the social media parties place and the data they collect with this, we refer to the statements that these parties make on their own websites. We recommend that you consult the privacy and cookie statements below regularly:

  • Facebook

  • Google+/YouTube

  • Instagram


Tracking cookies

We place tracking/advertising cookies on our website. Tracking cookies track website visits in order to build a profile of website visitors. On this base, we can optimize our website or display advertisements tailored to you. Tracking cookies are not necessary for a website to work properly.

We additionally allow third parties to place advertising cookies on our website. We also place advertising cookies on third-party websites. We may combine the information from these advertising cookies. We do this so that, based on your online surfing, searching and buying behavior, we can make you offers that are as relevant as possible. We also use these advertising cookies to keep track of which ads you have seen. They also help us collect aggregate audit, research and reporting data for advertisers. In addition, they help us understand and improve the service, and allow us to track when content/advertisements have been shown to you.

We do not provide personal information collected to advertisers unless you have given us permission to do so. You can also opt out of interest-based advertising and ads based on data collected. Doing so does not remove ads from the pages you visit. It just means that the ads you see may not be relevant to your interests.


What we can do with advertising cookies:

  • We can track which ads you've seen and how often you've seen them;

  • We may track whether you click on the ads;

  • We can track whether you place an order after seeing or clicking on an ad;

  • We may combine your online browsing and search habits regardless of which device you use;

  • By combining these characteristics, we can determine your advertising interest and tailor the ads we show you in our online store and on third-party websites accordingly.


Advertising networks and media agencies act as intermediaries between websites and advertisers. These parties' advertising cookies enable:

  • We may display third-party advertisements to you;

  • Our advertising partners may combine your preferences at JDH with information they collect when you visit other websites.


For the cookies that these parties place for advertising purposes, we refer you to the statements on the websites of these parties. As the statements may change regularly, we advise you to consult these privacy and cookie statements regularly. The following parties place cookies on our website:

  • Criteo;

  • Facebook;

  • Google;

  • LinkedIn;

  • Twitter;

  • Instagram;

  • Pinterest.

Brower settings

Most browsers allow you to manage cookies through the settings preferences. However, if you restrict which cookies can be set by websites, the overall user experience may deteriorate because it is no longer tailored to you. Also, you may not be able to save custom settings, such as login information.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings. If you use the website without changing your browser settings, we assume that you have no problem with receiving our cookies.

Click one of the icons below to go directly to your browser's manual or, if necessary, consult your browser's help function:

  • Chrome;

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer;

  • Safari.


Other useful resources

Go to, or for more information about cookies, such as how to control which cookies are installed and how to manage and delete cookies.

Use the following links if you want to learn more about advertisers' use of cookies:

  • Europese Alliantie voor interactieve digitale reclame (EU)

  • Bureau voor internetreclame (VS)

  • Bureau voor internetreclame (EU)

If you want to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do so at


Changes to the Privacy Policy

We will update our Privacy Policy when the rules around cookies or the privacy policy of this website change. Any changes will be announced on this page. It is therefore advisable to check this page regularly.

The current Privacy Policy was updated on 21-07-2023

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