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Indoorsticks senior

JDH senior indoor hockey sticks combines Australian and Dutch hockeyexperience. JDH senior indoor hockeysticks are crafted with a perfect blend of innovation, precision and power delivering an unparalleled performance. JDH indoor hockeysticks are manufactured with High Tenacity Japanese Carbon and finished with multi axial weave for optimum touch, feel and playability. All senior indoor hockeysticks undergo hot melt pre preparation for increased strength and durability. 


Power and feel in perfect harmony

The "Layup" is meticulously crafted with a precise combination of materials to achieve the ideal balance between power and feel. With its exceptional stiffness, this stick delivers unparalleled power during ball strikes, while still maintaining a soft and responsive touch for smooth traps and superior control in one-on-one contests. JDH's "Layup" indoor hockey stick represents the perfect fusion of materials, providing players with the ultimate tool to elevate their game on every level. Experience the winning edge and revolutionize your performance with JDH's "Layup" indoor hockey stick

Unlock the power of lightweight hockey sticks

As the game of hockey has evolved, so have the sticks. Thanks to advanced materials and innovative design, JDH has created some of the lightest hockey sticks on the market. While each stick is unique, our average stick weight of 510 grams strikes the perfect balance between speed and power. Experience lightning-fast stick speed without compromising devastating power. Join the ranks of players who trust JDH for superior performance. Elevate your game with lightweight sticks from JDH and unleash your full potential.

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